Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Information security policy of Orient Marine Co., Ltd.

This site is operated by Orient Marine based on the following information security policy.

1. Information security measures

The Company recognizes the importance of information security and practices appropriate information asset management, which is subject to ongoing enhancement.

2. Legal conformity (establishment of compliance)

The Company conforms with laws, established rules and regulations, and such other norms and standards related to information security, and implements measures to establish and preserve information security compliant therewith.

3. Protection of information assets

The Company exercises appropriate management to assure and protect from all threats the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets.

4. Accident response

The Company strives to prevent information security accidents. In the unlikely event of an accident, the Company will take swift and appropriate responsive action and implement measures to prevent recurrence.


Personal information protection policy

Orient Marine recognizes personal information protection as an important duty to society, and has stipulated the following personal information protection policy, associated with efforts for the sustained handling and management of personal information.

1. Personal information collection, use, and provision

With respect to the collection, use, and provision of personal information, the Company is aware of the importance of personal information protection and implements appropriate measures.

2. Implementation of safety measures

By maintaining optimal capabilities to perform rigorous management of personal information and by implementing reasonable safety administration measures, the Company enforces prevention of unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of personal information, and enforces corrective measures.

3. Ongoing enhancement

Together with drafting, implementing, and maintaining compliance programs for the protection of personal information, the Company periodically reviews these programs and makes improvements on an ongoing basis.

4. Conformity with laws, regulations, and standards

In the handling of personal information, the Company conforms with laws and other norms and standards concerning personal information protection.


Information collection

The Company uses information of affiliates and personal information to enhance its services. Moreover, the Company may collect personal information in order to accurately identify customer needs and provide services of high added value. Personal information provided to the Company will absolutely not be used for purposes other than specified. Furthermore, as is the case with general websites, this website automatically collects and stores specific information in a log file. This information includes data such as IP (internet protocol) address, browser type, ISP (internet service provider), browsed pages/exit page, operating system, date and time stamp, and click stream data.


Purpose of information use

Collected information of affiliates and personal information are used for the operation and administration of this site, and for providing services of yet greater effectiveness. Collected information will absolutely not be used for any other purposes.


Information sharing

Orient Marine may in instances share information with business partners and other third parties. However, Orient Marine will release only composite information related to customers of the Company. Absent explicit customer consent, information that discerns individuals will not be shared with third parties. Information may in instances be provided for the following reasons, however.

  • In case Orient Marine is required by law or litigation to disclose personal information of customers.
  • If necessary for complying with legal proceedings including search warrants, summons, laws and regulations, and court orders.


Warranties and limited liability

Site visitors are using this site at their own responsibility. By using this site, site visitors accept the privacy policy. Orient Marine in not liable in any way for any loss that arises from the use of information obtained from this site or other sites linked to this site.


Copyright agreement

Website content published on the internet is subject to copyright. Content means all information produced and edited by Orient Marine. This includes texts, screen images, photographs, illustrations, etc. Copyrights related to layout, design, and page organization also belong to Orient Marine. Replicating, re-using, or diverting content, electronically or printed, etc., without the consent of the copyright holder, expect in specified cases, constitutes acts in breach of the Copyright Law. Details are as listed below.

1. Title to copyright

(1) Title to copyrights in the website content of Orient Marine rests in principle with Orient Marine. In addition to copyrights in individual content items, Orient Marine also holds copyrights in the site editing.

(2) Copyrights in data other than produced by Orient Marine remain in principle with the author.

2. Handling of copyrights

(1) Licensing by Orient Marine is necessary in case Orient Marine site content is to be used outside the scope of personal use and quotations provided by the Copyright Law. For content supplied by other companies, licensing by the author is required.

(2) Concerning Orient Marine site screens, replication, translation, adaptation, broadcasting, publishing, selling, loaning, etc. are not possible without permission. Unauthorized diversion of the Orient Marine site to other sites, intranet, e-mail, PC communications, etc. constitutes copyright infringement. Use by not-for-profit organizations and individuals or partial use of excerpts, etc. are equally deemed copyright infringements.

3. Site downloads

(1) Downloading of Orient Marine site content by individuals to their own PCs is considered copying for personal use as provided by the Copyright Law. In such a case, the use of the downloaded content is possible only by the individual and the individual’s family.

(2) The scope of copying for personal use is considered exceeded and copyright breached in case data downloaded by an individual are used by persons who are not family members. In such a case, copyright is deemed breached regardless of whether the use is for or not for profit.


Conditions for links

For links to website pages produced by Orient Marine, please contact Orient Marine indicating the target page and its URL, the content and URL of the page where the link originates, and the purpose of the link. Permission may not be given depending on the linking method and site content. Permission will not be given in the following cases.

  • Links from sites inconsistent with the purposes of Orient Marine, including for-profit sites or sites for canvassing.
  • Links that cause Orient Marine content to appear as part of the page where the link originates (as in the case of content integration into frames).
  • Links to individual articles. If linking, please indicate clearly either that the link connects to the Orient Marine website or to Orient Marine Co., Ltd. Using the Orient Marine logo mark as a link button is not permitted.

Privacy policy updates

Orient Marine will from time to time update the above information protection policy. Important amendments to the information protection policy will be published on this site together with the latest version.


Privacy policy enquiries

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